What does VoIP stand for?


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In simple and easy words, it means the kind of telephone service which works over the Internet connection. VoIP is a popular means of internet telephony. VoIP technology rose to its fame after being around for over 20 years. The technology has been through a diverse series of efforts to make internet phone calls available for consumers, along with several phases of its growth. 

This kind of phone service has become gradually more famous in recent times because of the low cost it provides to the users and the flexibility that it offers for businesses, and the residential users. There is a possibility that you have utilised a VoIP service without even knowing it.

Have you used Skype?

Well, Skype is a VoIP phone call and it is a fact that Skype is one of the services which made VoIP popular.
VoIP phone services have their benefits, however, at times they are not a sensible option, primarily because of their dependence on a strong internet network connection that can cause reliability and quality problems. Certainly, this technology exists since it works. Moreover, if you own the right hardware, VoIP will work flawlessly. However, If you do not then you may regret ever signing up.

How is VoIP Different?

So, how VoIP really works? VoIP delivers phone call's voice data to another telephone essentially in the same way it has been done. However, it is a different network, and it is a different type of signal.

Traditionally telephones have utilized the analog signals to transmit the voice data. On the contrary, a VoIP phone system converts the voice data to digital data packets before transmitting them to the destination. Hence, VoIP uses a different network. VoIP phone systems transmit the voice digital signals over the internet connection rather than the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which has been utilized by the traditional phone systems.

Take it everywhere with you

One of the biggest advantages of employing VoIP services is that it doesn't tie you down to one place since you are able to connect your phone system through an internet network connection and start using it. This can be a huge advantage for those people who work from a remote location since they can take their phone wherever they go.

For a number of apps, if you have a proper setup then VoIP phone service can be an ideal fit. VoIP is an efficient and versatile service. However, if you are looking to shop for a new telephone service then you should try it first because it might not be for everyone.

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